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Trek vs. Specialized Road Bikes

Trek and Specialized, along with Giant, comprise the so-called "Big Three" of companies serving independent bike dealers based on estimated unit market share, notes the National Bicycle Dealers Association. Both Trek and Specialized sell road bikes, with Trek offering 11 categories, including its famous Tour de France-winning Madone, and Specialized

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What Does Cycling Do for Your Body and Legs?

Cycling is an effective, low-impact way to stay fit and healthy. It provides many benefits such as increasing strength and endurance, as well as decreasing body fat. Cycling mainly uses the legs but also incorporates upper-body muscles such as the chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders for stabilization and performing

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Can Women Ride Bikes Made for Men?

When you think of traditional women’s bikes, you may think of pink two-wheelers that are anything but sporty. But women aren’t limited to girly bikes. Manufacturers make women’s bikes in all styles and sizes. Women can also ride men's bikes. The decision should be based on fit and comfort. Women-Specific Bikes Bikes

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